Health Coaching

We show people how through their everyday actions-by making better, conscious choices- they can actively improve their health status and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. 

The Solutions Group helps organizations decrease medical costs and increase productivity by supporting individuals in changing behavior. Our health coaches are highly qualified health educators with backgrounds ranging from dietetics to exercise science. They use the latest stage-of-change methodologies to help individuals set personal goals for improving their health and set strategies for risk reduction. The personal health coaching service is completely confidential and done on-site or via telephone. 

Our coaching philosophy is that individuals know themselves best. Participants are asked to think through what they want and to identify what strategies will be most useful to them. Their coach will listen carefully and ask the right questions to help the participant reach their goals. 

We focus on tobacco cessationweight/nutrition managementstress reductionand cardiovascular health

Tobacco cessation - The Centers for Disease Control reports that more than 70 percent of current smokers say they want to quit. This is the ideal population for our program. The program offers employees a personal Health Coach who supports them every step of the way in developing a personal plan for success.

Weight management - TSG Health Coaches offer a non-diet approach to weight management with a focus on multiple lifestyle behaviors including nutrition habits, exercise, and cognitive behavioral practices.

Stress reduction - Our Health Coaches focus on work related stress with an emphasis on changing attitudes, expectations and methods of coping. The goal is to increase job satisfaction, decrease stress symptoms and improve productivity. 

Cardiovascular health - TSG Health Coaches address the major risk factors that contribute to heart disease including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and physical activity. Years of research shows that encouraging healthier lifestyles and increasing early detection and treatment can prevent heart disease for those who are healthy, and improve the health of people who already have these conditions.

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