The TSG Difference

A growing body of research shows that healthy, engaged employees are more productive, have higher morale, experience higher job satisfaction, are more committed and perform their jobs better. Not only do these factors have a positive impact on your bottom line, they also benefit employees on a personal level by extending into life outside the workplace.

Through our partnerships with many of the region’s leading organizations, we’ve helped employers establish the connection between employee wellbeing and financial success by measuring Value on Investment (VOI) to evaluate their investment in health and wellness. VOI recognizes and measures all the potential benefits of population health management programs by capturing both tangible and intangible outcomes. Some of these include:

Absence patterns
Employee satisfaction
Employee turnover
Healthcare costs
Tobacco use
Worker safety (e.g., worker’s compensation and short-term disability claims)

Our Commitment to You

Because we so firmly believe that everyone can benefit from living a healthier life, we are committed to:

  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Delivering fun, engaging programs
  • Sharing our experience, knowledge and passion for wellbeing
  • Making wellness accessible to everyone

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