Finding Your Passion

Susie MacLean
Executive Director

Passion – a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

When my two boys were entering college and trying to find their way, I remember telling them to “find your passion.” I wanted them to choose careers that ignited a fire so that each day, when they had to get up and go to work, they really wanted to be there.

One of my sons currently works at Discount Tire in Durango, Colo., in addition to being a full-time student. When he first shared his excitement for the job, I was perplexed. What was it about working in a tire store that he loved? I realized his passion was not about the crisp, clean smell of rubber, but about helping people. He was raised by parents who instilled this passion in him. Will he have a long future at Discount Tire? I don’t know, but he’s learning about hard work and how important it is to have a job you want to go to each day.

My other son works for Twitter. I know that sounds exciting and stimulating and, in some ways it is. For him, it’s the intellectual challenge that ignites his passion. Solving a problem, creating new and innovative solutions and yes, helping others.  Does his long-term career path include working at Twitter? I don’t know about that either, but I do know that he too is learning about hard work and the value of having an occupation that ignites an internal fire.

I studied business as an undergraduate student.  I did it because others told me it was the best route to take if I wanted to be successful.  Was I passionate about what I was studying? No. When I finished my degree I remember thinking, “if I have to sell copy machines for a living and the copy machines break, I’m going to feel like I have to buy them back.” Not what you’d call a clear path to a prosperous career. But then it happened.  I met someone who was working on her masters in health education.  I had been passionate about health throughout college and thought, “now this is something I can sell and stand behind.” I went on to complete a master’s degree in health education and to this very day, I am inspired by my career in health and wellness. I want to come to work each day and when I run into employees in the halls, the locker room or the café – I hear incredible stories about what our employee wellness program has done for them.  

As the year progresses, you will see blogs from not only our wellness team but from counselors in our Employee Assistance Program as well.  This change reflects what many of us already understand on some level; many elements contribute to our personal wellbeing, including social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual AND physical wellness. The role our wellness team plays in creating programs for employees is inextricably linked to the role our counselors play in offering individual counseling and workplace training. We hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from their insights.

At The Solutions Group, we believe everyone can benefit from living a healthier life. That’s why we’ve created programs and services that encourage employees to take actions that will help them experience measurable improvements in their physical and emotional health. Our team is committed and passionate about supporting the health of our clients and their families. I feel honored to be a part of the mission. I have found my passion and I hope our programs and services help you discover yours.