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New Pediatric Infusion Center At Presbyterian Hospital

November 20, 2013
The new Pediatric Infusion Center:
  • The new Pediatric Infusion Center offers a family-friendly setting with 6 recliners and 3 private beds.
  • Children have the opportunity to play games, watch TV, listen to music and visit with other children while receiving treatment.
  • Creating a child friendly environment will hopefully decrease the stress and anxiety related to receiving treatment.
  • The new center will serve up to 30 pediatric patients a day.
The Pediatric Infusion Center team:
  • The Pediatric Infusion Center team includes nurses, secretaries, pharmacists and physicians who are specially trained in Infusion Therapies.
  • Our team includes an Oncologist, Hematologist, Infectious Disease physician and a Family Nurse Practitioner.
What types of treatments will be offered:
  • Our pediatric patients may need therapies for conditions like severe infections, autoimmune disorders, immunodeficiencies, childhood cancers, diabetes, blood disorders and digestive conditions.
  • Intravenous (IV) treatments may be given for medication, rehydration, blood transfusion, chemotherapy, nutrition supplementation, or steroid or hormone needs.

Why children need infusion services: 
  • Many medications are given through an IV and need a nurse to administer them, but these children do not necessarily need to receive this treatment in the hospital.
  • An infusion center offers an outpatient setting where children can come in for their treatments and still sleep in their own beds.
  • Treatments can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours to administer.
Where the Pediatric Infusion Center is located:
  • The new Pediatric Infusion Center is located right next to the Pediatric Multi-Specialty Clinic, so all providers in the clinic can utilize these services for their patients.
  • Presbyterian Hospital Professional Building, 4th Floor, Suite 4620.

Media Inquiries:

Amanda Schoenberg
Communications Specialist
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