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Presbyterian Heart and Vascular Care

Heart and Vascular Care doctor

Presbyterian Heart and Vascular Care offers a wide array of services dedicated to preventing, detecting, and treating cardiovascular disease. Our cardiology and vascular specialists provide care that is patient-focused, safe, compassionate, coordinated, and comprehensive.

The Presbyterian Heart and Vascular Care team provides comprehensive heart care throughout New Mexico. We are a multidisciplinary group of cardiologists specializing in general cardiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery, vascular medicine, and vascular surgery. Our specialists work together using sophisticated diagnostic equipment at heart clinics dedicated to cardiovascular care.

Quality and safety are top priorities at Presbyterian. In our clinical practice, we follow best practice guidelines. We have developed procedures that help us adhere to the highest standards. We review the outcomes of cardiovascular care on a regular basis with multidisciplinary physician panels assisted by nurses specializing in quality assurance, using computer data.

Our heart facilities offer advanced digital imaging services including 3D Echo imaging tests. As a patient, you have access to prevention and wellness classes, a cardiac rehabilitation gym, and specially trained physicians, nurses and support staff to care for you.

We are committed to the best research and the most effective technology, all of which means a better outcome and a faster recovery for you.​​

Finger on the Pulse of Technology

With the broadest and most complex heart surgery services in the state, including New Mexico's first pediatric heart surgery services, you can feel confident you're in good hands. We use the latest preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative approaches to actively improve health.

Specialties & Services


Clinical and preventive; ambulatory blood pressure and rhythm monitoring; non-invasive stress testing


Complex arrhythmia treatment; ablation with both radiofrequency and cryo energy; atrial fibrillation ablations; intracardiac ultrasound

Interventional Cardiology

Cardiac catheterization and interventions; balloon angioplasty; stenting; rotablation; atherectomy; intravascular ultrasound; flow wiring


Aortic valve and aortic root surgery; valve repair and replacement; surgery for congestive heart failure; coronary artery bypass grafting; complex thoracic surgery; endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms; New Mexico's first pediatric heart surgery practice; fetal and perinatal cardiology; pediatric and neonatal cardiovascular intensive care; complex pediatric repairs

Vascular Surgery

Peripheral vascular diagnostic; laboratory/percutaneous intervention; peripheral vascular surgery

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We offer cardiac education and New Mexico's largest and most innovative cardiac rehabilitation program. Visit our Healthplex page to learn more.


  • Presbyterian Physician Office Building
  • (next to Presbyterian Hospital)
  • 201 Cedar SE, 7th Floor, Suite 7600
  • Albuquerque, NM 87106
  • Phone: 505-563-2500 or 800-734-4278
  • Fax: 505-563-2599
  • Presbyterian Medical Group
  • 8800 Montgomery Blvd NE
  • Albuquerque, NM 87111
  • Presbyterian Medical Group
  • 609 S. Christopher Rd.
  • Belen, NM 87002
  • Presbyterian Physician Office Building
  • (next to Presbyterian Rust Medical Center)
  • 2400 Unser Blvd. SE, Suite 18300
  • Rio Rancho, NM 87124
  • Presbyterian Medical Group
  • 125 El Paso Rd.
  • Ruidoso, NM 88345
  • Presbyterian Cardiothoracic Surgeons
  • Presbyterian Physician Office Building
  • 201 Cedar SE, 4th Floor, Suite 4610
  • Albuquerque, NM 87106
  • Phone: 505-563-2500 or 800-734-4278
  • Fax: 505-563-2524

Educational Resources for Heart Patients

General Information


Heart Failure

Lifestyle, Diet, And Exercise

Surgeries and Procedures

Información general


Insuficiencia cardiaca

Estilo de vida, dieta y ejercicio

Cirugias y procedimientos