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Kidney Living Donation

Patient checking in.

Presbyterian transplant kidney doctors, surgeons and coordinators have extensive experience with living kidney donation. Living kidney donor transplantation offers recipients an alternative to waiting for a deceased-donor kidney. Recipients benefit from living donor kidney transplants by being able to be transplanted sooner and experience fewer complications. In general, living donor kidneys will function longer than deceased donor kidneys. Most living kidney donors are family members and friends of a potential kidney transplant recipient, but they do not need to be related. Some donors come forward with no specific recipient in mind, these donors are considered altruistic, or non-directed donors.

Jack and Amanda describe the incredible impact of a life-saving organ transplant through living donation. Along with answering questions about the process with Presbyterian Transplant Services, Amanda describes her relationship with Jack, who she donated one of her kidneys to. To her, becoming a living kidney donor was the easiest decision she's ever made, saying, "I need Jack more than I need my kidney."


Living donors must self-refer to the transplant center. It is against the law to sell or solicit organs in the United States. You can refer yourself by calling the Living Donor Transplant Coordinator at (505) 563-6472, toll free (800) 597-7217, or by emailing Melissa Rains

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