EAP Counseling

EAP provides brief solutions-focused counseling designed to address personal issues — such as stress, marital and relationship problems, parenting and family challenges, workplace conflicts, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, grief support and more.

Your counseling sessions can take place in-person, on a secure, private HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, or by telephone. The number of sessions depends on your employer’s EAP benefit plan, and they’re available for free to you and all members of your household. EAP serves all age groups.

NOTE: All EAP services are confidential. Written and signed authorization is required for the release of private health information. The only exception is when the EAP counselor determines that a client is at serious risk of self-harm or harm to others, when child or elder abuse is disclosed, or by court order.

How to get started

EAP services are confidential — neither HR nor your manager will know you contacted us.

  • To request a counseling session, call our office at 505-254-3555.
  • Our staff will assist you with scheduling an appointment, or setting up a referral, depending on your needs.

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What to expect

Your TSG counselor will meet with you to discuss your needs and assess level of care.  If the assessment shows a resolution can be attained within your EAP benefit the counselor will continue your brief, solutions-focused counseling. If there is a need for extended assistance, the counselor will refer you to community resources or a provider on your health insurance. 

Depending on your employer, your EAP resources may also include:



Access to professional consultants and online resources to assist you with what life throws your way.

Stress Stop

Stress Stop

An online suite of stress management and resilience-building resources, will help you improve your overall well-being, anytime and anywhere, from any device.



An entire catalog of webinars and trainings on a variety of workplace issues.

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