EAP Counseling: StressStop

StressStop is an online suite of stress management and resilience-building resources. The online suite is available at no cost to you and your family members.

My Stress Profiler. A confidential and personalized stress assessment that provides ongoing feedback and suggestions for improving your response to 10 categories of stress, including change, financial stress, stress symptoms, worry/fear and time pressure.

Podcasts and videos. Featuring experts in the field, including Dan Goleman, Ph.D., Emotional Intelligence; Kristin Neff, Ph.D., Self-Compassion; and David Katz, M.D., Stress, Diet and Emotional Eating.

Webinars. Covering a variety of topics including work-life balance, thinking through stress, and mindfulness at work.

Relaxation Exercises: Music and guided relaxation.

Expert Q&A. Answers to questions on dealing with change, insomnia and depression, reducing stress, the benefits of chocolate, and more.

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