Medical & Clinical Rotations

The Medical Education department provides ongoing formal rotations for medical and advanced practice professional students, as well as physicians- in-training. Students must be currently enrolled in an accredited program. Individuals are mentored during their rotation by physicians and advanced practice professionals.

Our goal is to provide a successful rotation experience for everyone involved. Because there are many steps involved in the application process, we ask that you provide plenty of lead time and maintain constant communication with your program coordinator, your preceptor, and our department.

How to begin the process for a medical or clinical rotation

Your school's program coordinator will need to:

  1. Contact us to determine whether a current clinical affiliation agreement is in place or if one needs to be established. This is the critical first step and the process will go forward only when this is finalized.
  2. Contact and confirm the preceptor for the rotation.
  3. Notify us at least two weeks in advance about the students who will participate in a rotation. Any relevant information about the students who will participate will need to be provided in advance to ensure that students have completed all pre-rotation requirements and have the appropriate access tools needed for the specific rotation.

The following rotation forms will need to be completed:

Contact Information

Departmental Email:
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Phone: 505-841-1225
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