The TSG Approach

Better outcomes for your employees. Better value for your organization.

Over more than 20 years of serving employers across the Southwest, we’ve never met one that could afford to simply throw money at Wellness, EAP or Organizational Development. What makes TSG so unique is our commitment to building programs that truly work — through strategic customization, unique program offerings, and friendly expert support.

Strategic customization

TSG tailors every program for a specific group of people and a given workplace environment. We take the time to get to know you, your people and your environment so we can provide the right mix of resources to help you be your best.

Unique program offerings

There’s nothing generic about any of our Wellness, EAP and Organizational Development programs. We go above and beyond traditional offerings with options such as mindfulness training, onsite critical incident care, manager training and so much more.

Friendly expert support

Our close-knit team of wellness, behavioral health and organizational development experts is unmatched in the industry. And because we are based in the Southwest, we can truly show up for our clients — using virtual settings, or face-to-face support at our site or yours.

Our Process

After our initial connection, TSG quickly moves into the Discovery stage, during which we listen carefully to your needs, goals and interests for your organization.

Next, we develop a customized Scope of Services — essentially, a roadmap to achieve one or more overarching outcomes:

  1. Shift to a well-being culture (Wellness Solutions)
  2. Cultivate a well-supported workforce (EAP Solutions)
  3. Optimize your organization (Organizational Development)

During Service Delivery, we implement your roadmap and engage with you and your team to ensure maximum effectiveness. Finally, Periodic Reviews lead us and your team to further discoveries and new opportunities to fine-tune your program(s).

Healthier behaviors and greater well-being are for everyone.

TSG works with small businesses to large enterprise entities across all industries, as well as nonprofits. We also work with government employers of all types, including public school systems.

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