Organizational Development

TSG Organizational Development 

The Solutions Group offers comprehensive business consulting services rooted in the behavioral sciences and the technical discipline of organizational development (OD). Using a highly structured process, our OD consultants help organizations and individuals increase their capacity to change and succeed.

Strategic customization is the heart of our OD practice, drawing upon a suite of unique offerings to address all kinds of organizational needs. Our friendly expert support brings in both the scientific rigor and neighborly   collaboration your organization deserves. It all comes together to create better outcomes for your employees and a stronger value for your business. The Solutions Group is with you every step of the way.

Customized for Your Specific Needs and Opportunities

By definition, Organizational Development interventions are tailored to the underlying gaps and unmet opportunities in a client’s strategies, structures, practices and processes. Interventions may be implemented on an individual, group and/or organizational level to help the whole entity become more effective, agile, resilient and successful.

Customizing Your Program to Meet Specific Needs

TSG is happy to tailor your EAP program to be most relevant and effective for your organization, from traditional EAP to enhanced solutions. Our experts understand the challenges of employers and employees across a wide range of industries, both public and private, and we know how to craft solutions that fit. We are also familiar with the rich culture and heritage of different Southwest communities, enabling our counselors to provide personalized, culturally informed support.

Unique Offerings For Comprehensive Well-being

Human Process

Human Process

Team building, interpersonal and group process approaches, and coaching



Leadership development, organization transformation, culture change, attraction and retention

Technological and Structural

Technological and Structural

Organizational restructuring such as, flexible work design, total quality management, process improvement, quality of work life, and Six Sigma.

HR Management

HR Management

Employee engagement, employee experience, development and performance, succession planning, coaching and mentoring, career development, and diversity awareness

Your Friendly OD Experts

Organizational development is a technical practice based in the behavioral sciences, intended to help organizations and individuals increase their capacity to change and succeed. TSG’s organizational development team has multiple decades of experience in Organizational Learning and Development, with professional certifications in various facilitation methods, SixSigma, Center for Creative Leadership, Emotional and Social Intelligence, 360 tools, GE-CAP, DiSC and MBTI.

At the same time, we are also your neighbors. As a regionally based company, TSG truly understands the unique culture(s), organizations and people of the Southwest. We’re here to help every client and employee be their best, which naturally includes their heritage and experience.

Exceptional Standards

All our OD professionals belong to and uphold the standards of one or more professional organizations — including Association for Talent Development (ATD), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), among others.

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