Our Wellness Experts

In addition to the Wellness Program Managers below, The Solutions Group (TSG) team includes an experienced team of wellness coordinators, health coaches, fitness instructors and consultants to support your employee wellness program. Every member of our team is committed to ensuring that your employees experience measurable improvements in both their physical and emotional health.

Jennifer Marberry, MS, CHES

Supervisor – Health Coaching & Disease Prevention

Jennifer is a Supervisor for The Solutions Group.  She leads the health coaching program and a team of experienced Health Coaches that work with individuals to make behavior changes to improve their health.  She specializes in lifestyle behavior change, program development, and program management.  She is passionate about coaching, educating, and supporting individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle and be the best versions of themselves.  With her team, she strives to be a role model and mentor in the health coaching industry.  Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in the health field working at both an individual level with clients and a population health level with government agencies.  Jennifer completed her Master’s in Health Education at University of New Mexico (UNM). She is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, certified Health Education Specialist, and is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer.  In her free time Jennifer enjoys time outdoors hiking, walking, and running with her husband and dogs.

Shane Schumann

Supervisor, Wellness Program Coordination

With over 15 years of experience helping others reach their health and wellness goals, Shane utilizes his background in Personal Training and an education in Business Administration to provide client-centered programs designed to enhance the overall well-being of employees- both at work and outside of the workplace.  Shane works with a team of wellness coordinators to deliver programming across the Southwest. In addition to his team of coordinators, Shane utilizes The Solutions Group’s well-being experts to develop and implement programs that increase employee engagement and overall work satisfaction. His passion for helping others thrive in their own well-being is seen through his effortless dedication to each client and their employees.

Realizing the importance of overall well-being in his own life, Shane can be seen long before sunrise implementing some of the self-care items that he has developed in his own life. From weight training to mindfulness meditation, he uses these tools and techniques to show up as his best self each day for his wife, his three kids and his German shepherd.

Ana Hernandez, MS, RDN

Program Manager, Health and Wellness

Ana is a Wellness Program Manager, Registered Dietitian and expert in corporate wellness program development and delivery, with 20 years of experience. Ana is most passionate about inspiring individuals to nurture their own well-being through small shifts in behavior and supporting leaders to become cultivators of well-being in the workplace. She specializes in weight management programming and education, diabetes education, behavior change coaching for weight loss, sleep and stress and helping others learn about nutrition in a fun way that helps them build a healthy relationship to food.  

Ana holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Health Education from the University of New Mexico.

Paige Kinucan, MS

Program Manager, Health and Wellness

Paige’s background in corporate wellness spans 15 years, from working in a technology company to a cardiovascular clinic. She is driven to embody and share the latest research in well-being, ranging from holistic self-care practices to simple but meaningful routines that boost mindfulness and productivity. Paige enjoys writing articles and presenting about wellness, is an amateur podcaster, and thrives on outdoors activities like cycling and snowshoeing. Most recently, her work has led her to customize wellness programming for leaders and employees that help to mitigate and prevent burnout. Her priority is to share practical well-being strategies with others to help them live their happiest lives. Paige holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of New Mexico and a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.